- Jan 24, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
18 Monsters of Moss is coming for one night only. Prepare to be astounded and/or amazed by fake moss bracelets and moss carpets!

Tickets are still available to see 18 Mamamama Monsters of Moss. Get yours today or miss out on the fun and excitement that is but not limited to living fashion accessories and many more! Buy now!

Implications - After all, while you were once allowed to say moss was gross, after reading this, you should know otherwise. These spectacular monsters of moss prove that moss is a super cool material for creating everything from fabulous fashion accessories to moss wallpaper. While I don't know if I'd try the moss wallpaper for myself, it certainly is a super-cool idea that is fun to look at from afar!

From Living Fashion Accessories to Moss Wallpaper: