From Spooky Satanic Photo Shoots to Spiky Neon Headdresses

 - Jan 21, 2012
This gallery of stunning Milla Jovovich editorials may prove that the gorgeous 36-year-old Ukrainian-born actress, fashion designer, singer and one of the biggest supermodels of this generation, can truly do it all.

Ms. Jovovich has appeared on the cover of over one hundred magazines in her career, starred in countless other editorials, and is the star of the successful 'Resident Evil' film franchise. She is also married to film director Paul W. S. Anderson and has a daughter named Ever. If you're not exhausted just thinking about a day in Milla's life, hats off to you.

Whether she's gorgeous in front of the camera for some of the world's biggest photographers, or leading a healthy lifestyle of organic cooking, yoga and meditation, this gallery of Milla Jovovich editorials proves that she might just be Superwoman.