From Hip-Hop Swagger Apparel to Rain Boot-Inspired Loafers

 - Nov 28, 2012
These Mark McNairy designs order the in vogue mass of products that are released each year on behalf of the American fashion label. Otherwise known as 'Mark McNairy New Amsterdam,' the apparel expert has been essential to the development of clothing line J. Press and to the success of the Ivy League athletic conference.

McNairy is a stylish jack of all trades, and it follows that his lines are consistently eclectic and fresh. Hip-hop swagger apparel and rain boot-inspired loafers run central to his quirky tastes.

His features in The New York Times, The Washington Post and GQ have been well-merited and are direct offshoots of his ability to shift menswear boundaries. His partnerships with companies like the Gap and Southwick continue to expand his portfolio.