From Spurred Slip-Ons to Fierce Animalistic Footwear

 - Sep 14, 2012
These gorgeously luxurious loafers show off the variety of design when it comes to this dressy style of footwear. With a wide variety of price points, many have been able to get their hands on a pair of these formal shoes.

From spiked shoes to more casual looks, men and women have been increasingly interested in sporting this style. Perfect for work, weekends and even evenings, these multifunctional shoes are exceptionally adaptable and easy to style. Whether you prefer a more demure look or something futuristic, a slew of designers have churned out interesting designs to choose from. Women are likely particularly enthusiastic about the popularity of these shoes, as they give off a polished vibe without the hassle of heels.

Wonderfully androgynous and easy to wear, loafers are a much-welcomed and classic footwear style that are sure to reign supreme among less comfortable designs.