- Dec 8, 2011
The recent and untimely Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos leak may do more good than bad for the sultry starlet. The Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos were not set for an official release until later this month; however, the leaked cover is garnering the troubled celeb some much-needed publicity.

The Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos leak is another example of the masses getting the goods before they are supposed to. From highly anticipated albums to blockbuster movies and now celebrity nude shoots, hackers have been playing the role of the "pusherman" for strung-out Internet junkies and fanboys alike.

Whether it's pics of Rihanna or hacked emails from Sarah Palin, celebrity leaks have made the Internet a breeding ground for juicy celeb gossip (yes, I consider Palin to more of a celebrity than a politician).

The January 2012 issue of Playboy was not set to be released until December 15th, but thanks to an anonymous cyber thief, you can view the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos just about anywhere by now.

The Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photos Leak is One of Many from the Past: