From Oversized Floral Faces to Anti-Beauty Editorials

 - Oct 10, 2011
Since Lily Allen has claimed to have retreated from the spotlight after a slew of insane media attention, these Lily Allen features will sooth the soul of those looking for a little more Lil. After a highly successful music career in which she took jabs at everyone from fame-driven stars to George W. Bush, she retired from her pop star life much to the dismay of her biggest fans (and oh boy, does she have them). She's dabbled in television (with her pseudo reality TV miniseries 'From Rags to Riches'), and like any good, young, attractive pop star, opened a clothing store. Lucy in Disguise is a London boutique specializing in vintage goods.

From oversized floral faces to anti-beauty editorials, this list of Lily Allen features will, like her first single, make you 'Smile.'