From Stingray Jet Skis to Beefy Body Boards

 - Jul 21, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
This cluster of jaw-dropping jet skis will have you yearning for a high-powered, gas-guzzling personal watercraft to speed through oceans and lakes. Made for just one or two people, jet skis are the ultimate in extreme "me" time.

From beefy body boards to electrified watercrafts to stingray jet skis, you won't get enough of these heavy-duty water riders.

Implications - Companies looking to tap into the marketplace's seemingly insatiable need for adrenaline-filled activity would be wise to take a few cues from these rad water rides. More than anything else, these jet ski innovations show how finding new and exciting ways to put customers in the fast lane of life is a great way to capture their attention in a big way.