From Nike Steer Wear to Stylish Lady Handbags

 - May 21, 2013
Marvel movie mania has taken over summer big screens. From Thor to Avengers, there is no shortage in the number of comic book-made movies coming out of the wood work. With the recent release of the Iron Man 3 movie, it only seems fitting that Iron Man-inspired clothing be showcased as well. The Marvel comic book character has generated a loyal following since the beginning of the first movie. Tony Stark’s popularity outweighs even the most powerful of super heroes—the Hulk obviously being one of them.

From athletic shoe wear designs to steampunk pocket watches, these pieces of Iron Man-inspired paraphernalia should be a part of any Iron Man fans’ wardrobe. It’s safe to assume that if Tony Stark did exist in real life, he probably already had all of these clothes in his closet.