From Boozing Binoculars to Incredibly Close Cameras

 - Feb 7, 2012
Sitting in the nosebleed seats isn't so bad nowadays thanks to all of these inventive binoculars designs. Binoculars have been seemingly lost in the shuffle when it comes to the march of technology. A few electronics companies, artists and intrepid DIYers have done their part to ensure that binoculars don't go the way of the dinosaur/home telephone.

These inventive binoculars designs range from functional to just plain fun. Many of these designs are huge leaps forward from a technical standpoint. Sony's digital recording binoculars and the smartphone binocular attachment are just two examples of how binoculars are staying current and relevant among today's tech-savvy youth. No matter how sophisticated smartphones get, there will always be a place for a binoculars flask.