From Bardot-Inspired to Hipster Gangland, Tattoo-Filled Shoots Win

 - Mar 28, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
We here at Trend Hunter love tattoos and photos, which means we will love all of these inktography innovations. We also love making up unique and original words.

A tatted-up model enhances any photo shoot. Boring sets and themes are made infinitely more interesting when the model is covered in tattoos. If you love tattoos and photography, you'll love these inktography innovations.

Implications - My favorite of these inktography innovations has got to be the neon latex tattoography, which features a model sporting fluorescent hair and tattoos running up and down every part of her body. It's so outlandish that even Katy Perry's sporting a similar look for her latest set of videos. The neon lights seen in the video are also super sick.