Wall Mounted Moose Lamp is a Wild Way to Light Up Your Home

 - May 18, 2009
Moove aside your existing lights, and make room for this illuminated wall mounted moose lamp. Faux taxidermy has been one of the most fascinating types of home decor as they combine controversial vintage hunting designs with ultra modern, vegan-friendly modernism.

In addition to this illuminated faux taxidermy moose, we've featured tons of fake animal heads on Trend Hunter, many of which are classy and chic and not the least bit offensive.

Implications - **Write imp instead

With this kind of diversion from offensive displays of taxidermy, I can't imagine anyone complaining about this illuminated faux taxidermy. While many people continue to embrace nature and animals, why not bring the outdoors in with this wall-mounted moose lamp! I would love to find this not only in a cottage but in a city-home as well.