From Hashtag Hangover Purses to Shocking Sarcastic Totes

 - Feb 25, 2013
Tote bags are a practical way to hold all your belongings in one efficient place, and if you're looking to carry your things in something over-the-top and outrageously hilarious, then these humorous tote bags will certainly do the trick.

These shoulder bags are not only efficient in their carrying capabilities, but they also showcase some of the most sarcastic and hysterical phrases around. From sayings that reference your alcoholic hangovers to those that relate to iconic pop songs with a playful twist, these fun and quirky tote bag designs will surely give anyone who walks by a good laugh.

These humorous bags are a great way to not only store your essential belongings, but they also serve to showcase a bit of your personality, and the fact that you can have some fun with your accessories.