For the Fashionista With a Penchant for Heeled Boots

 - Dec 8, 2009   Updated: Jun 23 2011
These 13 examples are some of the hottest ankle booties that Trend Hunter has had the pleasure of featuring. From sexy Sam Eldeman wedges to a pair of strap-happy Christian Louboutin blue suede booties, there is no denying that the truly fashionable own a pair (or ten) of hot ankle booties.

Have a look through the gallery to develop a serious shoe fetish. Lord knows I already have!

Implications - Many consumers within today's society consider the ways in which they are perceived by their peers as a top priority. These consumers are willing to invest time and money into products that will portray them in positive lights. Businesses that can tailor their products to aid in someone creating that polished look will see large returns.