From Suave DJ Mancessories to Chic Movember Alternatives

 - Sep 21, 2013
This collection of hipster cufflinks is ideal for formal events for the indie inclined. The hipster stereotype is one that is often made fun of, and rarely a term one will publicly self-identify with. Characteristics of a male hipster include facial hair, particularly mustaches, an appreciation for retro and repurposed items as well as a love for anything ironic. While this in and of itself does not sound that bad, a hipster is usually also a tad elitist and will be quite condescending to anyone they consider to be mainstream, basic or to have poor taste in music.

These hipster cufflinks include a variety of different mustache designs, in addition to musical inspirations such as record players, headphones and cassette tapes. Other vintage accessories resemble old video games and watches. Sharks, bicycles and old school revolvers also make an appearance.