Add a Classic Look to Your Wardrobe with These Refined Links

 - May 8, 2013
References: greatgiftsformen
These vintage calligraphy cufflinks will add some authority and a classic look to your wardrobe. The vintage calligraphy cufflinks have been crafted out of genuine Esterbrook fountain pen nibs. The refined links will leave men looking for excuses to suit up and use these vintage cufflinks.

The vintage calligraphy pen cufflinks will make a perfect gift for the distinguished business man, designer or artist—any occasion is perfect for these timeless classic accents.

The cufflinks come in a ribbon-trimmed case with a soft and attractive velvet setting. the vintage calligraphy cufflinks also include a unique insert that guarantees the authenticity of the original pen tips. The insert also explains in detail the importance as well as the significance of these amazing vintage accents.