From Caped Crusader Housecoats to Obiwan Bathroom Attire

 - Jan 3, 2013
You don't have to be an avid gamer and sci-fi TV fan to appreciate the awesomeness among all of these geeky bathrobe features. (That being said, it wouldn't hurt if you're the type of person who is a Star Wars or Star Trek superfan.) These bathrobes are designed for comic book, sci-fi and video game fans. Donning these robes lets you become everyone from Batman to Captain Kirk.

When it comes to at-home nerdiness, the bathroom is often the one room that is exempt. Putting up posters and decals in the living room and bedroom is one thing, but it's a whole other story when your bathroom becomes a tribute to the Green Lantern. However, you can still show everyone just how passionate you are about your superheroes and Jedis by hanging up one of the housecoats found among all of these geeky bathrobe features.