- Jun 3, 2013
Game of Thrones food is one of the quirkiest fan tributes I've seen so far in honor of the hit fantasy show's adoration.

As Game of Thrones sky-rockets as one of the most watched HBO shows, it was only time before niche Game of Thrones fan creations would start to hit the scene -- food being one of them. While so many take inspiration from Game of Thrones for fashion, music, art and furniture, it only makes sense that fans would create cakes, beer and cookies inspired by the characters and themes of the show.

My favorite fan Game of Thrones food tribute are the Ned Starkk cake pops, which commemorate -- in a very tongue-in-cheek-way -- Ned's epic and tragic beheading at the end of season one.

From Impaled Nobleman Confections to Throne Cakes: