From Desert Gladiator Couture to Medieval Fantasy Footwear

 - Jun 20, 2013
Lazy cosplayers are going to love all of these Game of Thrones fashion features. The hit book series and HBO show has more or less taken the world by storm. Unsurprisingly, fashion is a small part of the aforementioned storm. There is attire available for all types of fans.

Hardcore fans may want to grab themselves a sweater that looks like a suit of armor or a watch inspired by the show. Those who prefer to keep things casual would probably want to check out the show-inspired Chuck Taylors and t-shirts. Some of these clothing items aren't direct tributes to the show. Instead, they 're modeled after clothing worn in Westeros and Essos. All of these Game of Thrones fashion features are a reminder that when it comes to fashion, nothing is "too geeky" nowadays.