From Galactic Undergarments to Outer Space Outerwear

 - Aug 21, 2013
The galaxy print is a popular go-to choice for many individuals as of late. Whimsical and sci-fi-esque in appearance, the galaxy print is suitable for both male and female attire. Some involve brighter colors that pop out -- most predominantly purple.

Similar to tie-dye t-shirts of the past, galaxy-printed tees are ideal for all-over designs. Galaxy prints provide an alternative option for those who want something different from the traditional logo tee. This is why the galaxy print is comparable to tie-dye.

But contrary to tie-dye prints, cosmic designs are less colorful and consequently less wild in appearance, which is why all sorts of clothing items like hoodies, jeans, shoes and even backpacks are able to adapt to the star-splattered look. Swimming trunks and even bras are capturing a glimpse of the universe on its fabrics, as galaxy prints are a subtle and safe alternative for those who want to spice things up without seeming too much.