From Schoolgirl Witchtography to Hipster Hotel Parties

 - Aug 18, 2010   Updated: Apr 20 2011
Magazine editorials, spreads and ad campaigns typically take themselves way too seriously. However, sometimes the best way to advertise clothing is with fun-loving fashion spreads.

From hipster hotel parties to weekend bash editorials, you can't help but fall in love with every single campaign. Be sure to check out this compilation of fun-loving fashion spreads. You won't be disappointed.

Implications - Fancy photoshoots are glamorous, but sometimes the audience wants to see images that are more lighthearted. Fashion photography that depicts everyday people engaging in normal activities allows the audience to relate to a brand more closely. It makes them feel more welcome and it implies that it's something they can afford. Businesses should look for ways to sell their product in a way that consumers don't feel snubbed out of, because you ultimately want a good relationship with these potential buyers.