From Cured Pork Tree Trimmers to Greasy Breakfast Pieces

 - Dec 14, 2012
These foodie Christmas ornaments add an edible twist to ordinary Tannenbaums. Seasonal culinary motifs have for the most part been relegated to the kitchen with eggnog, gingerbread houses and stuffed turkeys, and yet designers have been taking the leap with these edible designs.

Cured pork tree trimmers and greasy breakfast pieces have come to be literally tied to festive green trees. There is something endearing about this line of products. While they cannot be in fact digested, they are nonetheless playful, and are working towards the inclusion of soft drinks, ketchup and cupcakes into the events that will take place on December 25th. Whether one seeks to incorporate them or not, they have become central to brands like Coke and Heinz.