- Dec 6, 2011
Cats can be one of your best pals. These furry creatures love to lounge, play and sleep, with an ability to take a nap absolutely anywhere. With these stylish feline homes, you can guarantee that your pets will be living in style.

Products like the cat teepee give your kitty a new world of fun while kitty sleeping spheres serve as a cozy sheltered space. Individuals are humanizing their pets and furry friends are becoming a part of the family, often pampered and taken care of as if they were children.

Furry friend fanatics want their pets to be happy, so in turn they aim to provide the best for critters. These products are both aesthetically distinctive and dynamic while providing function and a comfortable environment for your feline friend.

Whether lounging, playing or sleeping, your kitties are sure to be purring after their stay in any of these quirky cat habitats.

These Feline Homes are the Purr-fect Pet Accessory: