From Fashion Cakes to Chic Cupcakes, These Confections are Superbly Sweet

 - Dec 2, 2011
The cake design industry has flourished in recent years thanks to extravagant weddings, fashionable frosted treats and couture confections. These chic snacks are not only delicious but are also art pieces in themselves. Fashion drives popular culture so it is no surprise that cake lovers are using it as an inspiration.

From glamorously detailed cakes to shoe-shaped sweets, the more unusual and distinctive a cake, the better. The growing popularity of couture cakes is prevalent with television shows focused on chic creations and the increasing budgets of design-conscious brides. Designer desserts like edible handbags and branded cupcakes reveal the prevalence of fashion-inspired desserts.

Whether a gift item, a party favorite or a choice that will make or break a girl's most important day, these couture confections are chic and delightfully delicious.