From Sleeping Beauty-Inspired Heels to Rabbit-Replaced Heels

 - Oct 23, 2013
Fairytale shoes are the perfect footwear option for the ladies who believe in happily ever after.

Women who grew up watching the classics will feel a nostalgic pull towards these pretty pumps and flats. If you're someone who loved watching the Disney princesses, a pair of heels from Charlotte Olympia that feature Sleeping Beauty on the toe are a great fit. Likewise, if Cinderella was your favorite, a pair of glass slippers inspired by her shoes in the film will make you feel like you're going to a ball with every step. However, for the ladies who want to embrace their edgy side, wearing a pair of pumps that feature a few villains like the evil stepsisters will do the trick.

Finally, if you loved the nature inspirations associated with many of the movies, a pair of heels that feature rabbits like Thumper will help have you embracing a youthful and pretty look.