From Muppet Horror Movie Crossovers to Violent Street Fighting Puppets

 - Nov 21, 2012
The recent Elmo scandal has jaded many of the older fans, despite the fact that Sesame Street has neither confirmed -- nor denied -- the news.

As the Elmo scandal continues, surely, more monstrous and horrifying mashups will be created by artists and enraged fans. Though demonizing childhood characters is not exactly the best way to vent out anger, it seems as if these villainous muppets were the product of mixed emotions and wild imaginations. Characters like the adorably innocent Ernie have been transformed into Freddie Kreuger, the reaper of the dreams, Big Bird has been a victim of bondage street art, friendly Snuffleupagus has become the vengeful Jason and Cookie Monster seems to indulge himself, not in cookies, but something a little red and juicier. Can you still see these adorable characters in the same light after this?