- May 11, 2011
The variety of eco-friendly beauty products available today make going green easier than ever. Environmental enthusiasts no longer have to feel guilty when indulging in cosmetics conventionally crammed with chemicals and toxins harmful to the environment. Whether you’re looking to decorate your nails in a toxic-free polish, moisturize your lips with a vegan balm or extend your lashes with a carbon-reducing mascara, a plethora of eco-friendly beauty products exist today.

From vegan to organic and from soaps to lip gloss, eco-friendly beauty products from popular companies including Watkins and endorsed by eco-living celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone are available in a variety of brands, fun colors and everyday products. Flip through these hot products to find your new favorite eco-friendly cosmetic product!

From Biodegradable Nail Polish to Vegan Mineral Makeup: