From Upcycled Knotted Necklaces to Upcycled Couture

 - Jul 20, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
In this day and age, everyone has become extremely green-conscious, not just with waste and consumption but even regarding their closets. Eco-conscious fashions are becoming more and more popular, at retail locations and in fashion spreads.

Whether it's upcycled menswear for women or wraparound eco fashions, everyone has truly become all about saving the planet and cutting down on unnecessary consumption.

Implications - The environmentalist movement is influencing everything, including fashion. Designers and brands are beginning to realize that society cares about how their purchases affect the environment. In order to remain in good standing with consumers, environmental measures have to be explored and incorporated into the creation of clothing while still keeping up with what's chic and fashionable.