From Barbie Foosball Tables to DIY Chandeliers Made of Old Dolls

 - Jun 13, 2009   Updated: May 26 2011
This slideshow is dedicated to all of the wonderful, beautiful and creepy creations made from recycled dolls. These innovations recycle toys that would otherwise have gone into landfills, prolonging their use in some curious ways.

Below, you'll see chandeliers created from old dolls, decapitated dolly arms turned into coat hooks, frightening Frankenstein-esque toys made from stitched-together dolls, and jewelry made from Barbie dolls.

Implications - Recycling has been a popular economic habit of many people in recent years. Now, an emergence of upcycling can be noted by all industries. Consumers are no longer throwing merchandise out -- they are upcycling products to give new purpose. All industries should be conscious that having a remixed, recycled look to their products is quickly becoming favourable as a new twist to the vintage craze that hit society in previous years.