From Puppet Cupcakes to Magic Pony Characters

 - Mar 21, 2013
Basic mini cakes can very easily become adorably recognizable frosted masterpieces when they are detailed and decorated as cute cupcake characters.

Maybe it's their size, maybe it's the fact that they are often served to kids, but there is something undeniably adorable about a platter of freshly decorated cupcakes.

But these scrumptious desserts become extra sweet when you start detailing them with tiny frosted faces and decorative candy details. Transforming cupcakes into colorfully playful characters is a great way to incorporate a very clear theme into any event where desserts are desired.

Although they take a little extra time to complete, highly-detailed cupcakes will definitely spark conversations. From birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs; you can customize your own cute cupcake characters as an appropriate snack you will enjoy looking at just as much you eating.