From Electric Hybrid Sailboats to Mobile Aquatic Hammocks

 - Jun 15, 2011
If you can't quite afford a luxury yacht, then you are going to want to pay close attention to all of these creative and innovative catamarans. Catamarans are often overshadowed by yachts and speedboats, but that should soon change as designers have been hard at work designing catamarans for the 21st century.

What differentiates a 21st century catamaran from a 20th century catamaran, you ask? Try eco-friendly and innovative technology such as a motor powered by the sun and a steering wheel that is actually a handheld remote. Try a vessel that can dive underwater, or one that is inflatable. Ditch the fancy schmancy yachts and check out all of these creative and innovative catamarans. Just in case you love the fancy schmancy too much to let it go, there are a few luxury catamarans in here. I know what you like.