From Cigar-Smoking to Curvaceous Cowgirls

 - Mar 21, 2010   Updated: May 27 2011
Well "yee haw!" Even though I'm a girl from the "country" I can't say I spend too much time wearing cowboy hats and chaps or riding horses, but these ladies do and they sure do make it look good.

These western cowgirl looks include rugged cowgirl chic fashions for Vogue and high-class cowgirls. So embrace your inner cowgirl and enjoy these looks!

Implications - From western cowgirl editorials to floppy stetson hats, these cowgirl innovations are not going to ride off into the sunset just yet. To be a cowgirl is to be free and tough, and these Western cowgirl creations surely make that image easier to emulate for women everywhere.