From Scarf-Exploding Styles to Retro Glamor Photoshoots

 - Mar 16, 2013
These couture Carola Remer editorials pay mind to the rise and arguable domination of the German model. Remer has been notoriously tied to the One Management, Why Not Model Management and TESS Management agencies, providing Remer with international industry exposure.

Scarf-exploring styles and retro glamor photoshoots are both now tied to Remer's portfolio. She has produced these print and online features via editorial teams at Vs Magazine, Bon Magazine and Harper's Bazaar Korea, all of whom have encouraged her talent and propensity to take on multiple high fashion motifs. And while Remer has been essential to the on-site work of photographers, stylists and make up experts, she has at the same time been central to advertising campaigns with Victoria's Secret and H & M.