From Towering Ice Cream Sammies to Stacked Delectable Confections

 - Mar 21, 2013
Cookies have been a go-to dessert for children and adults for quite some time, so it only makes sense that there are countless recipes for cookie sandwiches featuring all types, shapes and sizes of ingredient in between these crisp slabs of doughy-goodness.

Featuring everything from quadruple-layered, vegan cookie sandwiches to cold intergalactic confections, this list of scrumptious cookie sandwiches goes to show that there are many different ingredients and lots of different ways to interject any of your favorite foods, savory or sweet, in between this world-renowned crisp treat.

You'll notice that the ice cream-filled cookie sandwiches are a particular fan favorite, as this list features many cookie-wrapped creations that contain chilled dairy delicacies. If your health is a major concern, fear not because it's recipes like Joy the Baker's oatmeal sandwich cookies that offer wholesome, natural alternatives for your guilty pleasure.