From Members-Only Online Shopping to Women-Owned Web Design

 - Jun 2, 2013
From members-only online shopping websites such as Ethical Ocean, which changed its initial model to now requiring a sign up in order to add individual customization to its platform to credit card services certified by B Corporation, these commerce-aware social enterprises have an understanding of the business economy as a system its socio-historical, cultural, legal and political components, that exceeds perhaps the vision itself.

That is to say, does "ethical commerce" seem like an oxymoron? A few of the examples in this list of commerce-aware social enterprises attempt to rethink e-commerce, for instance, the aforementioned Canada-based Ethical Ocean as well as Eartheasy. In February of 2012, we spoke to the founder of Eartheasy, a family business that began as a "content site" but expanded to actually selling products.