From Limited Edition Dark Knight Cuffs to Darth Vader Suit Accessories

 - Nov 15, 2012
There aren't many ways a man can accessorize without seeming overly feminine or pretentious, which gives them more reason to take advantage of what's available and go all out with some nerdy comic book cuff links.

Though the age-old debate of whether Marvel or a DC Comics has better superheroes is getting a little old, fans can still make their statement with their favorite characters' accessories. Though some may not be as appropriate for formal events as others, these comic book cuff links range from subtle stylish spiderweb designs to limited edition as well as statement vintage Batman cuffs. Whether it's Spiderman, Superman, The Avengers, Transformers or Star Wars, fans can passively aggressively duke out the victor of this debate whilst showing off their shiny mancessories.