From Dessert Chicken Hybrids to Bold Buttery Bites

 - Jun 5, 2012
These comforting southern food innovations do away with the common concern for calories. Waffles, meat and savory biscuits have been preferred by those with a love for the American region and its traditional delicacies. Chefs like Paula Deen are now heralding the full-bodied flavors that are inherent in these recipes, supporting the hefty use of butter, oil and sweet syrups.

Dessert chicken hybrids and bold buttery bites are cropping up on the menus of restaurants wishing to emulate the distinctive southern taste. Foreign culinary experts have also been a part of this movement, bringing the flavors of Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas to European and Asian tables. Creole, Cajun and Appalachian approaches to cooking have brought authentic barbecuing techniques to the fore and are now a main staple of many of these dishes.