From Bearded Snow Apparel to Hats Made From Vintage Coats

 - Nov 28, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
Most of the heat which escapes your body does so through the head. Therefore, having the right head accessory is essential when trying to look oh-so fly, and keep the warmth within your body.

From bearded snow apparel to hats made from vintage coats, check out the 15 cold weather hats to help fight off old man winter.

Implications - Why bother with a regular toque when you can look fashionable (or weird) with some designer winter hats. These unique head warmers will keep your head warm and attract some attention from the public when you rock these outdoors. Whether you want to look manly in a bearded hat or look adorable in a Princess Leia hat, these crazy winter accessories will add some personality to your puffy jacket and snow boots.