From Human Doghouses to Cocoon Couches

 - Nov 14, 2011
If you have ever wondered what a caterpillar has in common with contemporary furniture design, then you need to check out all of these cocoon-inspired furnishings. The cocoon is slowly but surely becoming the go-to design for those wishing to create a comfy, cozy and private piece of furniture.

Cocoons in nature are naturally private, and it can be assumed that they are quite comfortable as the noble caterpillar is able to spend weeks cooped up in one. These cocoon-inspired furnishings are not quite as suffocating as the ones found in nature, but they are still equally as awesome. The majority of these furnishings are couches, but there are a few atypical cocoon designs such as the cocoon bathtub and portable homeless shelter, a design that perhaps most closely reflects the cocoons found in nature.