From Dual Device Car Docks to Record-Breaking Mobile Batteries

 - Jan 12, 2015
These CES 2015 charger innovations range from dual device car docks to record-breaking mobile batteries that power up one's smartphone three times as quickly as the run-of-the-mill product.

In addition to speed-focused batteries, other standouts from this list include the Scosche goBAT™ 6000 and goBAT™ 12000 models. The waterproof mobile batteries make liquid damage a thing of the past and ensure one's device is fully charged in mere minutes.

Moreover, other favorites from this list of CES 2015 charger innovations include Griffin's Powerdock Pro--an all-in-one charging dock that can power up to five devices at once--and Rezense, another wireless charging technology that is powered magnetically. Both devices reduce clutter thanks to wireless designs that feature no messy wires or added cables.