From Clunky High-Fashion Heels to Belted Gladiator Footwear

 - Jul 11, 2013
While buckles are ordinarily associated with accessories you would normally find on belts, these buckled footwear designs are showcasing how this classic wardrobe piece is now being utilized in all sorts of chic shoe designs.

Buckles are often used to secure a piece of clothing in place, they allow individuals to either loosely adjust or tightly fasten something together. What better way to add some pieces of flair and originality to a piece of footwear than by infusing something that is both practical and visually appealing? From rugged buckled boots to gladiator footwear outfitted in several over-the-top buckled accessories, these unique shoe designs will certainly make an impression with its eye-catching features.

Perfect for fashionistas looking to acquire that chic and modern look, these buckled footwear designs will definitely have others envious of your chic shoes.