These Betty White Innovations Praise the Golden Girl

 - Jul 31, 2011
Betty White is an inspiration to every generation; her adorable looks and hilarious sense of humor charm people of all ages.

This bunch of Betty White innovations proves just how much impact Betty has had on people all over the world, and how her career only continues to blossom with age. Laugh out loud as Betty boldly stars in a Snickers commercial and gets caught up in a cat fight. You'll be shocked at Betty White tattoos that grace the legs of her fans, and the blogs that have been created in her honor.

All of these Betty White-isms prove just how golden the ol' girl really is.

Implications - Consumers embrace products and parodies that are endorsed or make reference to a notable celebrity. They grow attached to these figures as they see them in the media constantly, and learn to respect their opinions. Companies can appeal to certain niche markets by having a celebrity who that market idolizes support their brand.