- Aug 22, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Beetles and bugs in general are disgusting to some, but there are innovations in this cluster that embrace the creepy crawlers. From insect-inspired fashion to Beetle Luna automobiles, here are 10 different beetle innovations for your perusal.

Implications - Allowing consumers to embrace their naturalistic environment, companies are taking cues from both the animal kingdom, the insect world and forests and incorporating them into their products. Considering certain individuals' fascination with nature, businesses are in an attempt to target these interests with their merchandise, aiming to make them relate more thoroughly to what they're trying to sell. Though beetles and bugs may not be completely appealing to some on their own, when the idea is integrated into the form of a car, the appeal becomes that much greater.

From Bug-Infested Art Ceilings to Modified VW Bugs: