From Undersea Camera Specs to Prescription Beer Goggles

 - Nov 2, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
Goggles are the awkward cousin of sunglasses. Used in swimming pools, training exercises and while lowering your standards, goggles always hold some sort of unique purpose.

From undersea camera specs to prescription beer goggles, these 20 mind boggling goggles will aid you in seeing that goggles should never, ever be substituted for sunglasses while trying to look cool.

Implications - With celebrities such as Lady Gaga wearing fashion goggles, there is no doubt that she will soon have a band of loyal goggle-wearing followers. With goggles becoming more fashionable, it is possible that sunglasses may have some upcoming competition. Only time will tell if goggles will be able to rule the fashion scene.