- Jun 18, 2012
Being a serious business man, why not treat yourself to one of these seriously beautiful briefcases? With a vast selection of styles, functions and aesthetic appeal to choose from, these awesome briefcases will have you eager to tote around your work papers -- even after work hours!

These work-inspired bags are available in more traditional and professionally oriented forms, or in more humorous or whimsical fashion. Most of these cases look like they are only capable of functioning as briefcases, when in fact they have cleverly concealed their creative potential. These briefcases boast functionality as sofa beds, barbecues, toilets and booze concealers -- a pretty impressive feat for a computer-sized carrier. With these beautiful briefcases in tow, the business professional in you will be prepared for virtually any situation thrown your way.

From Concealed Compact Sofas to Briefcase Toilets: