From Artistic Assassin Footwear to Heartwarming Hitman Cushions

 - Feb 18, 2013
Devoted gamers will lovingly flock to these Assassin's Creed creations. Even those that are not familiar with Assassin's Creed can appreciate the artistry of these products. This iconic video game, commonly referred to as AC, has taken Internet communities by storm leading to the release of multiple installments. Each one better than the last. With so much demand for assassins Ezio, Altair and Connor, it is no wonder merchandise involving them is flying off the shelves.

The ancient brotherhood of crime-fighters have escaped the bounds of the virtual world and have become integrated into everyday life. High-fashion apparel, household decor and framed artworks are just a few examples of where the assassins have recently found themselves. Making those who own these items look bad-ass and devoted to an international renowned game, these Assassin's Creed creations will be the perfect accoutrements to any man-cave or avid gamer's room.