These Nokia Lumia Apps for the New Year Help with Resolutions

 - Jan 8, 2014
There are a ton of top apps for the Nokia Lumia phone that are helpful for making your New Year’s resolutions come true.

These free Windows Phone apps include everything from money management apps to comprehensive fitness and diet apps to help you get fit in 2014. Some of these apps like ’Stop Smoking’ and the ‘Diet Tracker’ are particularly useful for monitoring long-term success, which makes it easy to keep your New Year’s resolutions longer than just the first few weeks of January.

Apps like Adidas miCoach and HERE Transit work in tandem to take advantage of features that are exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphones, like integrated Nokia Music playlists, HERE maps and LiveSight technology. Whether you’re looking to quit smoking or see the world from a different perspective, these Nokia Lumia apps will help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions with ease.