From Deviant Cake Designs to Frisky Handcuff Treats

 - Sep 17, 2011
Feast your eyes on these naughty adult-only edibles that will have you blushing in no time. Whether they are made of sweet fluffy pastries or rigid garden vegetables, food can be transformed into sensual delights easily with a few clever alterations. All it takes is a dirty mind to make your thoughts soar with saucy ideas of how to turn your ordinary meals into a provocative scene fit for sensual cinema.

Not leaving much to the imagination, the culinary cuisine featured in this spread holds nothing back, blurring the boundaries between sensual and just downright kinky. Combining human primitive urges with a love of everything edible, these racy images are not for the faint at heart, as some are especially encouraged to be brought into the bedroom for a yummy carnal experience.