22 Gory Anatomical Designs

 - Oct 16, 2008   Updated: May 27 2011
The word anatomy is derived from the Greek 'ana,' which means 'up,' and 'tome' or 'temnein,' which means 'to cut.' This assortment of anatomical designs is just in time for Halloween.

From bones as rings and socks to street art anatomy and brain candles, it is all in here for you to enjoy blood and guts in the nicest possible way.

Implications - Designers like to push the buttons of consumers to show not just their creativity, but their rebel defiance against the conventional norm. Clean-cut imagery bombards everyday life, so shoppers are looking for alternatives to feel that sense of danger, insecurity and excitement to prove their daredevil personalities. Products with these concepts can be controversial, but businesses can't always play it safe; they need to adopt a take-no-prisoner attitude and take chances in order to succeed.