26 Creative Casual Tee Shirts

 - Jan 22, 2009
Is there ever a better thing than putting on your favorite tee shirt?

I mean, the way 100% cotton just makes you feel cool, casual and relaxed at the same time is brilliant. And a good portion of the big designer houses survive on their casual lines, which means they are always kept up to scratch with new cuts, designs, colors, and cool prints and illustrations.

I love tees and have to have about ten new thrown into my wardrobe (at least) every year. I like the way they will never go out of fashion. You will always be able to put a clean white tee shirt on and dress it up with some funky accessories to make it look sexy for a night out. And you will always be able to dress some spiky heels down with a big baggy old tee.

Here is a good mix of 26 casual tee shirt trends found in the almighty Trend Hunter archives.