- Jun 24, 2019
Wearable technology and innovative smartwatches are becoming popular devices, all offering slightly different functionality for users. However, all of the smartwatches serve a consumer need, with each model finding its own niche in the market. Wearable technology has a heavy slant towards functionality, going beyond simple conventional watches to offer more customization and convenience.

The 'LunaR' collection consists of innovative smartwatches that offer solar charging to users, where one hour of exposure per day can keep the watch infinitely powered. Additionally, the collection is eco-friendly and can keep track of the user's physical exertion.

The 'Suunto 5' offers a number of functionalities to users with its lifestyle and sport-oriented design. The watch has a full satellite system that includes route planning, heatmaps and more. Additionally, the Garmin 'Descent MK1' was designed for diving. It features built-in sensors, a compass, a barometric altimeter, and a gyroscope. The watch looks to provide divers with all the functions they need while logging notable data seamlessly.

From Solar-Powered Timepieces to Dive-Logging Watches: